Latest Past Events

Week 8: The role of Advanced Nuclear technologies in achieving Net Zero

This week, we are lucky to have invited Mr. Richard Deakin to give us a talk on the importance and technicality of nuclear energy, or what you should know, why you should care about nuclear power. The topics discussed will include its role in the current energy mix and future decarbonisation, as well as the […]

Panel Discussion: “Decentralised renewable energy (RE) solutions and the integration of e-mobility as key elements of a net-zero policy”

  While it is widely understood that the transition towards net-zero requires fundamental changes and developments in the areas of (renewable) energy generation, –distribution and consumption, the specific pathways towards net-zero are subject to a much wider debate. Key questions of that debate are, to what level can decentralised renewable energy (RE) generation contribute to […]

Week 3 – The Politics of Africa’s Electricity Boom: Continuity and Change in the 21st Century

Having read geography at the University of Cambridge and completed a Master’s at King’s College, London, Barnaby completed a doctorate on the politics of dams in Africa at the University of Oxford. Specifically, his doctoral research focused on the intersection of two major global trends; firstly, a boom in dams and infrastructure construction and secondly, […]