How do we use sponsors?

    Your sponsorship goes a long way and is is used to fund the various events that we host throughout the year. Our events vary from weekly talks to networking events and even site visits, such as our trip last year to Culham Centre for Fusion Energy. Sponsorship is vital to fund travel costs and accommodation for speakers, to provide food and venues for events and to promote the society.

    Why sponsor us?

    You won’t just be helping us fund events as a society, there’s is a lot in it for you too! Your company logo will appear on all of our publicity material including posters for events and our weekly newsletter which is sent out to our extensive mailing list. You’ll also be able to advertise employment opportunities at recruitment events and via our mailing list. In addition, we offer you the opportunity to host unique careers events such as CV clinics or networking events. For more information, please contact one of our two sponsorship officers, Nathan or Preston, who will be delighted to send you our sponsorship brochure..